Annette Haines

Annette Haines is not only the owner of Hier and Haines Salon but the #1 Miracle Worker and head Stylist.

Working at the age of 13 as a shampoo girl, Annette became licensed four years later and continued to work in the hair industry for over 40 years. As predicted by her first boss and role model, Mary, Annette has made a difference in countless lives throughout the years.

Annette's clients know of her commitment to personal attention for each guest. After all, her life motto is:

"The importance of clients coming to see me is for me to give the truth about what I can do to make their hair the best for them. Clients will come in with one idea, but it may not be what is best suited for them; this is where my experience comes in.

I must take into consideration their hair's condition and texture, face shape, what they are willing to do at home to maintain the style, and what their expectation is for their visit.

Every client's style is custom to them based on our consultation. There is no, 'What style do you want today?' It's my job within the bounds of a good consultation to figure out what works best for them. And I don't create something I don't believe in just because they want it. It is all about the integrity of keeping hair beautiful and healthy."

Clients who sit in Annette's chair benefit not only from her attention and care for their hair but themselves personally. While Annette loves working miracles on hair, her favorite aspect of being a Stylist is making clients happy and seeing confident smiles as they leave.

When Annette is not in the Salon, she focuses on her community and family. She and her husband Jim (her "Rock") were high-school sweethearts. They dated for 11 years and have been married for 30. They often spend their time glamping, volunteering at church, and playing with their 7-year-old chihuahua, Dorothy.

"Jim and I are both blessed beyond words to still have our moms! They are both strong, beautiful, independent women who still live in the houses we grew up in!"

Extremely committed to the Salon, dedicated to her family, and "obsessed with Baskin Robbin's Jamaica Almond Fudge ice cream," Annette is the rock of this Salon.

Annette is not accepting new clients at this time.

Owner | Master Stylist