Kris Rodgers

Kris brings a unique background to the Hier & Haines family. Having served in the Army’s Special Forces unit, Kris understands the value of solid teamwork and how effective it is toward reaching a desired goal – an excellent hairstyle! He enjoys making people happy, and appreciates just how genuinely excited people are when their hair is done very well. As Kris would say "great hair leads to great smiles!"

Originally from Western Loudoun County, Kris lives in Falls Church and loves the friendly caliber of people that come into the shop. He enjoys the small-town feel that McLean offers and attributes coming to work to escaping the hustle and bustle of the metro DC area – setting his mind at ease.

Kris loves his nickname “K-Rod” and when he’s not working on hair, his biggest hobby is motorcycles - specifically trail and off-road riding. Combine that with his love of nature and camping and K-Rod is on an adventure of exploration and discovery! When the weather isn't cooperative with motorcycling, he enjoys playing videogames online with his friends.

Stylist Assistant