Every Great Look Begins with a Great Haircut

At the heart of every great looking head of hair  no matter the color, style, or texture — is an excellent haircut.

Haircutting is an art, as well as a science and the professional stylists at Hier and Haines Salon, are expert hair cutters. We listen to you, the customer to understand things about your preferences, your personal style, and how much or little time you want to put into maintenance.

We also "listen" to and consider what your hair is telling us. Thick or thin; straight or curly; textured or smooth? In what directions does it naturally grow? Do you have cowlicks? What are the shapes of your face and your head? A great haircut enhances and complements your features.

Professional stylists are also expert in knowing what kinds of products your hair may need to bring out the best in its shine, condition, moisture-balance, and desired texture. Layers or no layers? Highlights, lowlights, single color or no added color?

A lot goes into a great haircut and it can make all the difference in the way you look and feel about yourself, every day.

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