Smoothing and Straightening Treatments

Tired of kinky or wavy hair? There is a solution that's right for you. But what is it and how do you choose?

At Hier and Haines, we get to know you and your hair and can help you make a choice that's good for you.

Some treatments, like Brazilian Blowout "smooth" and other treatments, like Thermal Reconditioning, "straighten."

Get more general information on each and then ask your stylist for a consultation about you and your hair. Your stylist will help smooth the way to a great decision and the lustrous, relaxed hair you've been dreaming about.


Is Straightening or Smoothing the right treatment for YOU?

Not sure? No two people are exactly alike, so ask your stylist for a professional recommendation about the best treatment for your hair and your lifestyle. Schedule a consultation with your personal stylist so that s/he can discuss the best way to relax your hair for shiny, soft, and healthy results.