Hier and Haines Offers Thermal Reconditioning

Hier and Haines Salon Thermal Reconditioning Hier and Haines offers Thermal Reconditioning, the process of turning kinky, hard-to-manage hair into silky-smooth locks that are manageable and more easily styled. Our process takes the protein already in your hair and treats it in such a way which straightens the hair permanently.

In contrast with Brazilian Blowout — another way to relax and smooth (but not "straighten") kinky, curly locks — Thermal Reconditioning is a permanent straightener, needing touch-up only once or twice a year. Depending on the degree of straightness desired, and the condition of the hair, Thermal Reconditioning will be done using products by Liscio.

All Thermal Reconditioning treatments must be preceded by a consultation to determine that the hair is in healthy enough condition to benefit (and not be stressed) from the procedures.

Let us know if you would like to discuss the best way to relax your hair for shiny, soft, and healthy results. We have a variety of options and will find the best one for you!